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Mass Effect: Andromeda Official Trailer

As a fan of the Mass Effect series, I was really happy to have my track “Launch” used throughout the first minute in this highly anticiapted Mass Effect: Andromeda Official Gameplay Trailer!  It was a lot of fun to see it streamed live in 4K on YouTube at the Game Awards, as part of the first ever YouTube 4K livestream! You can hear “Launch” in full, below!

Beauty and the Beast Official Trailer

I am excited to finally be able to share some work I did for this Disney “Beauty and the Beast” trailer. You can hear my contribution, the orchestration and programming, from 0:45 through to the end. It’s an honour to be part of this record breaking trailer, with 127.6million views in the first 24 hours!

Studio Upgrades

Over the last few months I have been excited to acquire a number of new upgrades to my composing room. New furniture and improved acoustic treatment have really improved comfort and quality of sound while composing!  The desk is made to order by a company in Melbourne called Console Concepts. They went above and beyond with their work on this desk and monitor stands. Having the ability to raise everything to standing work height is amazing for those long writing days! These upgrades come just in time for my transition to full time music next year. Excited!

Drone Wars!

I had the privilege of scoring this amazing video by Corridor Digital over the last week and a bit! This is probably one of the more mammoth tasks that I have taken on in recent times, but I loved every second of it!  As an FPV quadcopter pilot myself, this whole project was right up my alley!  I enjoyed the opportunity to play around with John Williams’ famous themes and putting my own spin on them!  Enjoy 🙂 You can listen to the score below.

1 2 3 4 6
  1. A Tall Tale Blakus 1:16
  2. A Mystical Christmas Blakus Buy 8:03
  3. Drone Star Wars Blakus 4:01
  4. Like a Child Blakus 2:22
  5. Armies, Dragons and Rings Blakus 3:28
  6. Liberation Blakus 1:20
  7. Launch Blakus Buy 3:18