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Disney Alice Campaign

I am excited to receive confirmation that my cue “Dominus” is featured in the campaign for the upcoming Disney movie, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”.  The international TV spot was released today, with Dominus being featured from 0:12 through to the end. Proud to have even such a small part in it all! Dominus, along with some of my other latest tracks can be heard in full on Really Slow Motion’s latest public release – Battle Angel  

Battle Angel – Out Now

Really Slow Motion Music has released a new public album, “Battle Angel”. I am excited to have 3 of my tracks on this release, including the opening track “Dominus”, which has been previously unheard until now.  My other tracks include Launch and Supremacy. iTunes: Amazon: Bandcamp (lossless):

I Will Win – Featuring “Launch”

Here’s a cool use of my track “Launch” from Really Slow Motion’s release, “Grandiose”.  The track features in full for the first 3 minutes of this motivational video from MotivationGrid. At 250k+ views in only a few weeks, great fun!

The Hobbit: Armies, Dragons and Rings

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to write some music for the Hobbit 3 campaign. It was such a fun project, as I was able to play around and put my own spin on Howard Shore’s beautiful themes from the LoTR saga. I’m so excited to receive confirmation that the track is being used as part of the campaign for Battle of the Five Armies!  Huge shout-out to for making this happen. I’m so excited to finally be able to share it, you can hear the track below!

New RSM Release

I’m super excited to be part of the upcoming Really Slow Motion release, “Elevation” – Uplifting and Emotional Tracks.  I can’t wait for it to be released, it’s a privilege to be working alongside so many talented people!

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  1. A Tall Tale Blakus 1:16
  2. A Mystical Christmas Blakus Buy 8:03
  3. Drone Star Wars Blakus 4:01
  4. Like a Child Blakus 2:22
  5. Armies, Dragons and Rings Blakus 3:28
  6. Liberation Blakus 1:20
  7. Launch Blakus Buy 3:18