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Embertone Blakus Cello – Nov 22!

I am excited to announce that Embertone’s Blakus cello will be released in under a week (November 22)!   So much work has been put into this instrument and I can’t wait for others to be able to try it. For more information and purchase on release, head over to Embertone’s website – Here is a quick improv demo I created using the instrument.

Blakus Cello – by Embertone

I am excited to announce that I have been collaborating with Embertone to create a deep sampled virtual cello instrument for Kontakt!   The instrument includes chromatically sampled bowchange, slur and portamento interval transitions, as well as sordino, tremolo, pizz, sul pont and staccato articulations.  I spent two weeks straight locked in a room capturing nearly 6000 samples. After spending months carefully processing each one, mapping them and now refining the script, what we have on our hands is something I am quite proud of.  Embertone have done an amazing job and I couldn’t have asked for a more awesome, talented…

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pocketBlakus Free Solo Cello for Kontakt

Inspired by a post by HZ I decided to have a crack at a simple, slow moving, expressive solo cello. So I dusted off my cello and prepared for the worst. I wasn’t extremely careful because I wasn’t expecting it to work – but it worked out not too bad for a quick job! I have zero programming skills so just be aware that it is very primitive and has limited use (although it is beginning to be far more useful with the help of members of this forum!) I’ve also kept it dry so I suggest you soak it in your…

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Template Tutorial 3 – Mixing

I threw together another video tonight that walks through some recent changes to my orchestral template.  I try to cover reverb and my approach to mixing sample libraries in this video.  Hopefully you won’t fall asleep too quickly!

New Composition, Reverb and Template

Well, after a couple of weeks dedicated to improving and tweaking my orchestral template – I have finally been able to test drive it with a new composition!  I was able to put this together today in about 3 hours and I’m quite happy with how it turned out.  Sorry that it cuts out at the end, I’ll be continuing it when I get time. I have spent a lot of time on all areas of my template, but especially with the brass.  Samplemodeling brass is amazing because it is so playable and realistic, but I was having problems fitting…

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  1. A Tall Tale Blakus 1:16
  2. A Mystical Christmas Blakus Buy 8:03
  3. Drone Star Wars Blakus 4:01
  4. Like a Child Blakus 2:22
  5. Armies, Dragons and Rings Blakus 3:28
  6. Liberation Blakus 1:20
  7. Launch Blakus Buy 3:18