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Embertone Blakus Cello – Nov 22!

I am excited to announce that Embertone’s Blakus cello will be released in under a week (November 22)!   So much work has been put into this instrument and I can’t wait for others to be able to try it.

For more information and purchase on release, head over to Embertone’s website –

Here is a quick improv demo I created using the instrument.

  • Jiben

    Hi Blakus.
    I’m a french composer
    I just bought your fascinating cello (embertone one).
    I’m impressed by your work.
    What kind of control surface did you use on the tablet we see on the video ?
    It seems funny and useful !

  • Jiben

    Ok I simply readed the documentation about OSC touch. It could be a great tool !

  1. A Tall Tale Blakus 1:16
  2. A Mystical Christmas Blakus Buy 8:03
  3. Drone Star Wars Blakus 4:01
  4. Like a Child Blakus 2:22
  5. Armies, Dragons and Rings Blakus 3:28
  6. Liberation Blakus 1:20
  7. Launch Blakus Buy 3:18