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New Composition, Reverb and Template

Well, after a couple of weeks dedicated to improving and tweaking my orchestral template – I have finally been able to test drive it with a new composition!  I was able to put this together today in about 3 hours and I’m quite happy with how it turned out.  Sorry that it cuts out at the end, I’ll be continuing it when I get time.

I have spent a lot of time on all areas of my template, but especially with the brass.  Samplemodeling brass is amazing because it is so playable and realistic, but I was having problems fitting it into an orchestral mix as it is recorded completely dry.  I purchased a new reverb by 2C-Audio, B2 – I have found it to be extremely helpful with this task and it has now replaced all reverb instances in my template completely.  I will be making yet another template video in the near future that explains some of the changes that I have made.

  • Sean

    Fantastic track. Your music is maturing and the sound is getting closer and closer to impeccable. Great stuff. I would be thrilled to see another video!

  • Fantastic! Praise the Lord for your gift. Thanks for the guitar strumming lessons. cheers!

  • Bravo! 🙂

    • blakus

      Thanks for the amazing products Giorgio!

  • Felipe Ferrer

    Felicitaciones, increible producto, gracias.

  • AndrewLynch1

    I know this is quite old, in internet time, but it’s a really lovely piece of music. Well done.

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