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Orchestra Walkthrough

A quick look at how I make my orchestral music by walking through my mockup of Hans Zimmer’s/John Powell’s Kung Fu Panda theme.  This video shows my Cubase 6.5 template and the various sample libraries that I use to make my music.  I would love to hear your feedback and any questions/comments/tips you may have about the mockup, my template, or the video.

Listen on SoundCloud:

High quality mp3:

      Kung Fu Panda HQ MP3

  • Peter

    Hi Blakus,

    Great orchestral walkthrough video.
    I have some questions about your template.
    Do you also use the ARC and how did you organised it. Can you send me a printscreen.
    What’s the use of the channels S, A ,T, and B.

    I’m working with Cubase 6.5 and Lass 2.0 and I find it very difficult to build a good template. Any advice is useful to me.

    Peter (Amsterdam)

  • blakus

    Hi Peter,

    I definitely use the ARC, it has made my life much easier once I got the hang of it. The S A T B channels aren’t actually strings, they were just last minute choir tracks (soprano, alto etc) that I inserted into the project.

    A few other people have asked similar questions so I will try to make a video in the next few days that digs deeper into the template side of things for those that are interested. Focusing especially on my LASS setup!

    Glad you enjoyed the video!

  • Peter

    Hi Blakus,

    I don’t want to rush but when do you think the new video is ready.


    • blakus

      Hi Peter, sorry about the delay! I’ve just finished a video that goes deeper into my template, it is uploading now 🙂

  • Don

    Is this the CineSamples Hollywood Winds? Or the East West Hollywood Winds?

    • blakus

      This is CineSamples Hollywoodwinds

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