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pocketBlakus Free Solo Cello for Kontakt

Inspired by a post by HZ I decided to have a crack at a simple, slow moving, expressive solo cello. So I dusted off my cello and prepared for the worst. I wasn’t extremely careful because I wasn’t expecting it to work – but it worked out not too bad for a quick job! I have zero programming skills so just be aware that it is very primitive and has limited use (although it is beginning to be far more useful with the help of members of this forum!) I’ve also kept it dry so I suggest you soak it in your favourite reverb (even before playing it if possible LOL).

This is my first sampling attempt and I really enjoyed making this. I wish I had some scripting skills so I could do something more comprehensive now. I’m finding playing chords with the sustains patch quite a bit of fun too.

Visit this post on V.I. Control for more information, audio demos and download links –

Here’s some examples: Note the FF Marcato/Molto Vib layers heard in places are not released.

  • Very dope! Thank you. It’s nice to find samples from real players. Adds a nice change to the stock Cello/String library’s.

    Looking forward to more!

  • kosii

    This sounds indeed very nice !
    May I ask, how did you record it ? What mics and where ?

    thanks a lot, I also enjoyed your walktroughs !

    • blakus

      Thanks for the kind words! I recorded it quite basically actually. A single large diaphragm condenser mic in a very dry room!

  • Andrew Osano

    As a cellist myself, for your first sampling attempt, it sounds pretty darned amazing! Great job.

    • blakus

      Thanks Andrew! I have a much improved cello in production at the moment! I am looking forward to releasing it!

  • Jason Morin

    Very well Done, thank you very much for this great gift !!!!!

  • As a former cello player myself, there is a certain tone I like to hear from that instrument that I seldom do, even in expensive recordings or sample libraries. Your demos really seem to have nailed a nice warm, rich, and inviting tone that I find extremely pleasing. I’m very much looking forward to checking out the rest of your project!

  • krellman62

    Solo cello is very good. Very nice work !!

  • aski

    Thank you very much from Russia

  • Mark

    Yo -Yo Ma attracted me to the Cello amazing instrument you have recreated. Greeting from South Africa.

  • Oiratilo

    TK you.

  • Aakaash


  • Giorgio

    One of the best VST…thanks!

  • Hey Scott:

    For whatever reason, I can’t seem to get the “slides” glissandi thing from my weighted keyboard. It works great on my little 37 key controller,but the keyboard I use in sessions is my NORD stage and I can’t seem to get any glissandi. ANy reason why? Thanks for a wonderful sample, by the way.


    • blakus

      Hey Jeff, I’ve had this problem on my weighted keyboard too – some of these don’t do extremely low velocities very well unless you adjust the velocity curve. Gliss is only triggered by velocities lower than 10. The only easy solution I can suggest is to manually lower the notes you want to be Gliss. Personally I don’t like the gliss very much so I use it quite sparingly! 😀

  • Sebastien

    Hello sir, how are you, very nice work.. Incredible.
    I wanted to know or actually to see a tutorial on how you program a son to make it sound like that. Is there tutorial or could you make one.

  • blazingselene

    Hi! Very nice cello sounds! Could you please explain how I can convert them to sounds in Studio One. I need a simple cello but this comes in mp3 so I don’t know how I can convert it…

    Thanks a lot

  • Olymoon

    Thank you Blakus for this splendid cello.
    I have made a special wallpaper and nicnt file to add it to your kontakt library tab. You can have it here:

  • Thank you so much Blakus!

    This is really wonderful.

  • Hi there

    This is absolutely great. Just put instrument to my Vst Warehouse blog.

  • Tres impressionnant ! Merci !

  • Martin

    I really can’t thank you enough for these beautiful cello samples, I use them all the time and pretty much put them in everything I make. They sound much better, prettier and more realistic than any other library I have. If you played the violin too I’d never have to use any other library ever again 😀
    I’m not a cellist but there seem to be a few missing high notes compared to other cello libraries? If you ever get the time to add them and decide to sell the complete library I’d totally buy it, it’s the best cello I’ve heard 🙂

  • SuryaS

    Thank you so much, I have no words to express my gratitude. Love from India

  • Stephanos

    Hi do I need full kontakt or I can you kontakt player?

    Thank you so much

    • blakus

      Hi there, you will need full kontakt to run it properly, but it does run in kontakt player for 15mins before reloading.

  • Hi, Love the sample you made and would like to know if it’s available as a wav file? I don’t own Kontakt (free version is very limiting for third-party samples) but I own the Alchemy Player which would be working well with wav files.



    • blakus

      Hey Andrew, unfortunately there is no .wav available. There is a simple version for HALion if you have that.

  • Josh M

    Just loaded it into Kontakt 5. Works very well with the EWI. Thanks so much for putting this together.

  • obrigado pelos samples

  • Cathleen Flynn

    Really fantastic!!!!!! Thank you SO much for cello samples. I started using them last week and am blown away!!!! Truly amazing!


  • K37

    This is still one of the best sounding cello’s out there for me.
    it has wonderful character and is just beautiful sounding, its my ‘go to’ solo cello instrument even over some of the more expensive ones out there.


  • Oli

    Thank you for these cello samples. There are juste beautiful !
    But I have a problem when I load it in Kontakt 5. It says that 3 files are missing. They are called “cello exp 3oct.ncw” ; “Full Vib Samples.ncw” and “finger_noises.ncw”.

    Anyway, thank you !

    • blakus

      Just point Kontakt to the folder where you extracted the cello library when that message pops up! 🙂 Hope that fixes your problem.

  • very fine the soubd the cello library

    • blakus

      Thanks Josh!

  • José

    There are a tremolo?

    • blakus

      Not in this version sorry! There is in Embertone Blakus Cello though 🙂

  • wxlwxl

    Amazing music !This is really wonderful.

  • This is by far the best cello sound I’ve come across, thanks so much – you’re helping loads of people with the creation of their music , much respect! AJ

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  • Thanks man, it sounds excellent. I’m stuck on 10.6.8 and finding Kontakt 4 that isn’t the free player is a PITA but I finally found a version of the player 4.2.4 so at least I got your most excellent Cello program to work…even if it is for only a half hour at a time for now.

    Again, thanks for this!

  • Aditya Pratama Suwanto

    One of the best cello sample..
    Check my short track using pocketBlakus Cello

    • Blake Robinson

      Thanks for sharing the track 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the cello!

  • Jim Lennon

    An absolutely incredible instrument. So emotive and expressive, and for free! You’re a saint.

    Here’s a track featuring the cello:

    • Blake Robinson

      Love it! Great subtle use, nice atmosphere 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • Jamie

    Seems like the link is broken now that the viControl site has been updated. Can you post a new link? Thanks!! Looking forward to using it!

    • Blake Robinson

      Thanks for the heads up! I updated the link 🙂

    • a shashank

      I tried it but it does not work for me i am using pc Kontakt 5

  • Thanks for this vst, he’s really good !

  • Lex Dumitru

    You’ve done a great job, and your efforts are much appreciated. If I may, here is a track which uses Pocket Blackus throughout. All the best!

    • Blake Robinson

      Sounds great, thanks for sharing Lex!

    • Lex Dumitru

      I’ve made a few modifications within the mix, and although the link is identical as before upon uploading, it doesn’t show. Oh well, glad you’ve liked it, Blake.

  • a shashank

    Can you tell how to install it. I tried it but it does not work for me i am using pc Kontakt 5

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