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Sky Passage / Berlin Strings

I recently had the pleasure of composing a demo for Orchestral Tools new library, Berlin Strings.  I had such fun using this library when creating “Sky Passage” and it is obvious that Orchestral Tools have put huge amounts of work into the product!

The piece can be purchased here if you like, I hope you enjoy it!

You can also find a video walk through of this piece, including my opinions on Berlin Strings here:

  • Gabor

    This is a really interesting video showing the best strings libraries available today in action throughout a great orchestral composition. I liked it very much! Especially the Berlin Strings from Orchestral Tools is really a great sounding strings library but I still need to save more money to buy it. Can’t wait! Thanks.

  • Jimmie Williams

    I thoroughly enjoyed this composition! Great job, and terrific orchestration. Thanks for doing the walk through on your piece. Is Berlin Strings your go to library now? I think the samples are amazing. I’m saving up to purchase the library plus the expansions. Thanks again.

    • blakus

      Thanks Jimmie! Berlin Strings is great, I am turning to it quite a lot. I still use Hollywood Strings often, but I would be happy with just Berlin Strings too.

  1. A Tall Tale Blakus 1:16
  2. A Mystical Christmas Blakus Buy 8:03
  3. Drone Star Wars Blakus 4:01
  4. Like a Child Blakus 2:22
  5. Armies, Dragons and Rings Blakus 3:28
  6. Liberation Blakus 1:20
  7. Launch Blakus Buy 3:18