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Template WalkThrough #4

I decided to do a brief behind the scenes look at one of my recent compositions “Sky Passage”.  I also give a quick look and a few opinions about Berlin Strings in this video! Enjoy 🙂

  • Thanks Blakus.. very good this tutorial..



  • It was fun checking out your new template, enjoyed the Berlin Strings. Why have you been “converted” from the Sample Modeling brass to EWQL Hollywood Brass? Is it just the ease of playing more in sections than individual instruments?

  • Peter

    Hi Blake. Well, thanks a bunch for these tutorials. I have
    now decided to completely rework my template. But I have a couple of questions.

    1) Why did you decide to switch entirely to Hollywood brass
    and eliminating SampleModeling from your template?

    2) How much RAM is required to build this last revision of
    your template?

    3) Can you release another tutorial covering the mixing and
    mastering phase? I have listened to your finished productions, and they are

    As a side note, I simply have to compliment you on your
    composition skills. You’ve managed to apply emotion and melodic beauty to the
    epic genre, which is something I seldom hear. Thanks.

    • Blake Robinson

      Hi Peter,
      1) While I really Love SampleModeling, I was still never 100% happy with the sound. I could never quite get that convincing “stage” sound with it. I may revisit SM at some point, but for now I prefer to work with samples that are recorded in place.

      2) I use nearly all of my 32gb of RAM.

      3) My mixing/mastering process is fairly underwhelming, I feel that most of the effectiveness comes from balancing and programming and just trusting your ears.

      Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for stopping by!

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