The Hopeful – Feature Film Score


Original score from the 2024 drama feature film directed by Kyle Portbury, starring Tommie-Amber Pirie, Gregory Wilson and Lynne Adams, produced by Hope Studios and released by Fathom Events (USA). Soundtrack published by Movie Score Media.

“Debuting on a feature film, I took on The Hopeful with a mix of nerves and excitement. The story’s personal themes resonated deeply, and collaborating with a local Emmy-award winning director felt like the perfect opportunity.

The score translates the film’s message of hope and anticipation. Ellen’s theme, a quiet flute melody, reflects her determination, while Brother Himes’ vibrant music mirrors his infectious spirit. These contrasting themes interweave, underscoring the film’s journey of hope and resilience.

This score wasn’t created alone. I partnered with songwriter Jonas Myrin to create original songs that complemented the score. Composer Michael Price’s rising piano motif, introduced early on, adds another layer of depth, reflecting William Miller’s introspective moments.

Together, our score aims to remind audiences of the enduring power of hope, not just in the film’s setting, but in our lives today.”

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“A sweeping romantic epic sound that one just cannot resist.” (Movie Music International)

“Robinson composes a romantically and dramaturgically symphonic score with splendid and poetic modern symphony pop interventions.” (Colonne Sonorel)

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