Behind the Scenes – Drone Star Wars Finally, a walkthrough video giving a behind the scenes look at my soundtrack to Corridor Digital’s “Drone Star Wars” Video.

Beauty and the Beast Trailer I am excited to finally be able to share some work I did for this Disney “Beauty and the Beast” trailer. You can hear my contribution, the orchestration and programming, from 0:45 through to the end. It’s an honour to be part of this record breaking trailer, with 127.6million views in the first 24 …

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String Library Comparison Here’s a video I created a while back to compare some of the popular string libraries at the time. Audio stems can be downloaded here if you wish to try your on EQ/Reverb on each library.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

I am excited to receive confirmation that my cue “Dominus” is featured in the campaign for the upcoming Disney movie, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”.  The international TV features my track, “Dominus”, from 0:12 through to the end. Proud to have even such a small part in it all! Dominus, along with some of my …

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