EA Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Showreel

Over the last few months I have been extremely privileged to be able to contribute 10 custom cues to the EA Star Wars universe. From TV commercials to the international launch trailer, here is a short show-reel showcasing some of that work.

Industry Release – A Rite of Passage

I’m pleased to contribute two tracks to this industry album in partnership with Ghostwriter and AI Music! ‘A Rite of Passage’ was recorded live in Budapest, and mixed and mastered by Toby Mason. It will be released on August 1st. You can watch a preview at Ghostwriter Music’s website below:

Livestream Series Recently I released a series of raw livestream sessions where I had the opportunity to interact with viewers while creating. These videos give an inside look at my creative process, “dirty dishes” and all! Check out my YouTube channel for more.

Behind the Scenes – Drone Star Wars Finally, a walkthrough video giving a behind the scenes look at my soundtrack to Corridor Digital’s “Drone Star Wars” Video.

String Library Comparison Here’s a video I created a while back to compare some of the popular string libraries at the time. Audio stems can be downloaded here if you wish to try your on EQ/Reverb on each library.